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Democratising Alternatives

Ever increasing numbers of investors are looking at ways to diversify their assets. Demand for alternatives has never been higher partly due to the lack of correlation with traditional assets, meaning they can perform a role in portfolio diversification.
Over the last 30 years, allocation to alternative assets by institutions has grown from 5% to 25% on average, with some large institutions having very large exposures up to 50%. Pension funds and endowments often cite the return potential and diversifying power of non-traditional asset classes as reasons for significantly higher expected returns. This trend is now filtering down to high-net-worth individuals.
However, access to alternatives has not traditionally been easy due to often over-complex structures, high minimum investment thresholds, high fees, minimal liquidity and long duration.

AssetTribe is changing this. Find out how.

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Why alternative assets?

Lower Volatility

Performance is related to strengths of each asset, rather than broad market trends – Adding alternative assets can reduce portfolio risk.


With low correlation to traditional asset classes, alternatives can be a beneficial way to diversify your portfolio.

Enhance Returns

Alternatives can improve the risk and return profile of a portfolio as well as enhance total return through access to a broader universe of investments and strategies.

Why Asset Tribe?


We make it easier for you to diversify your portfolio by sourcing and curating a wealth of investments that are right for you.

Easier access

We enable you to invest in funds that you would not otherwise be able to access. We make you aware of a curated selection of alternative investments, letting you invest in smaller amounts by reducing minimums where possible.

More opportunities

We bring funds and assets across differing categories allowing you to diversify and pick and choose the ones you are passionate about.

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From carbon net-zero to forestry, from wine to infrastructure, we bring you all the diversification benefits of top tier alternative investment funds, alongside curated bite-sized investments that you care about.

Join our tribe of like-minded investors and make the inaccessible accessible.

Need for ease

AssetTribe’s community driven investment platform helps engage investors with an appetite for alternative and real-world assets.

We aim to be demand-led, not supply-driven, and we will help curate exciting assets for our tribe.

With typically lower minimum investment sizes, investors can more easily diversify their exposure across our different categories.

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