About us

AssetTribes makes a range of exclusive curated alternative investment opportunities available to a highly lucrative, yet underserved audience of passionate investors through our bespoke digital investment platform.


To simplify and broaden access to quality investment opportunities and the potential return benefits of alternative assets to a wider, more passionate audience


To be the leading and trusted pure alternative asset investment platform and information centre delivering quality opportunities and value to every member of our Tribe


We believe that quality alternative assets should be far easier to access and understand whilst not being limited to the few who have the deepest pockets and widest networks. That is why AssetTribe has three very clear values:


As long as you are a qualifying investor we welcome you to the Tribe. After joining, every bit of information about each of the investments on offer is available to help you make an educated and qualified investment decision.


We do not overcomplicate the investments we offer, through our expertise and experience we provide easy to understand opportunities.


Our assistance doesn’t stop when you invest – we continue to provide you reporting and ongoing access to the managers and experts throughout the lifetime of your investment.