Frequently Asked Questions

AssetTribe is the trading name of The Alternatives Group Limited which is an appointed representative of Strata Global Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Alternatives Group Limited (registered number 06781909) is incorporated in England and Wales and has its registered offices at 1 Brandon Road, London N7 9AA.

Asset Tribe Management Sarl is a private limited liability company (société à responsabilité limitée) incorporated and existing under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, acting in its own capacity and as managing general partner (associé commandité) of Asset Tribe Fund SLP, a special limited partnership (société en commandite spéciale), qualifying as an investment company with variable capital reserved alternative investment fund (société d’investissement à capital variable – fonds d´investissement alternatif réservé) with several compartments, incorporated and existing under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

AssetTribe is currently available to Elective Professional Investors. The Professional investor designation includes all investors qualifying as professional investors under Directive 2004/39/EC (MiFID).

In order to be considered a Professional investor, you must, at a minimum –  meet at least two of the following three criteria:

  • You have carried out transactions, in significant size, on the relevant market at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous four quarters.
  • Your financial instrument portfolio, including cash deposits and financial instruments, exceeds EUR 500,000.
  • You work or have worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position requiring knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged

You open an account by signing up and creating an account on our platform (

You supply your details and affirm the relevant waivers to ensure our offerings are suitable for you; you can subsequently access full details about the alternative asset offerings we have available on the platform.

You can contact us at and we will get back to you.

We use the personal information you provide for Anti Money Laundering and Know You Customer (AML/KYC) checks. We will also ask you to complete a risk questionnaire which we use to ensure the investments are appropriate for your risk profile. We will also use information to improve your experience of the platform and to make sure we source the correct types of investments.

Investments in the Funds are not regulated and thus are not covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. The investments are not guaranteed by AssetTribe or any other party.

Firstly you should check whether you meet the criteria for investing on the platform. The alternative assets on Asset Tribe are high risk investments and you should consider whether these investments are appropriate for you and whether you can afford to lose your capital.

If you decide that you meet the criteria and risk profile then you can sign up to open an account. You will then see current and future investment opportunities listed.

Within each opportunity you will see investment documentation which you should read.

There may also be opportunities to attend online or in-person events to understand more.

Once you have understood the investment, read all the issuance information and decided it meets your risk and return objectives you can click ‘Invest’.

You input the amount you wish to invest. You then read and sign all of the subscription documentation. You transfer the investment to a third party ESCROW account and the funds will be released upon closing.

You are investing in the Luxembourg Special Limited Partnership in the case of Alternative Investment Funds or in a Luxembourg Special Purpose Vehicle in the case of single Alternative Assets

Each offering has its own specified minimum investment size. We try to reduce the minimum investment as much as possible. We do this so that you can diversify your holdings in Alternative Assets.

If we take the criteria above: EUR 500,000 of investable assets. We would expect an allocation to alternatives of 10-40% depending on risk tolerance.

If we assume 20% that is EUR 100,000. For many funds that is the minimum or below the minimum investment level.

That would mean you could make one single Alternative Investment.

At AssetTribe we think you should diversify across alternatives. These are high risk investments and can have low correlations to traditional investments. That means that they can work best when you diversify with them and between them.

All of the documentation is behind the login wall under the relevant offering.

You can download and save all of this information and we will email you the documentation at close for any offerings you subscribe to.

Assets you have already invested in are behind the login wall under the ‘My Investments’ tab.

The beneficial ownership of the assets is split amongst the investors. Where these are single assets the assets are held by the SPV and the fractional ownership of the SPV reflects the beneficial ownership.

Asset Tribe’s fees are transparent on each transaction and may vary by transaction type. Typically the fee is made up of a small upfront fee and a share of the ongoing management fee each year.

No. AssetTribe believes that blockchain and distributed ledger technology will be a big part of the future though. Subject to investor demand and regulatory conditions we may consider tokenisation in the future.

Security Tokens are just like digital share certificates with all the information embedded within them.

Security Tokens embody claims for a pay-out (“future cash flow”) towards the issuer and may represent ownership of assets, debt, rights and claims amongst other things through smart contracts on a Blockchain, which may be designed in accordance with corporate law or under contract law. Furthermore rights under company law, such as voting rights at a general meeting may also be associated with Security Tokens. Such tokens therefore usually embody claims to the payment of capital, whether in the form of participation in the profits of the company or in the form of interest payments and repayment. In this instance it is not compulsory for such claims to exist in a legal tender currency.

European regulators often classify security tokens as transferable securities within the meaning of the relevant Capital Markets Act. A legal assessment of the classification of the Security Token is therefore to be made depending on the jurisdiction and the registered office of the issuer.

A smart contract is a computerised transaction protocol that executes the terms of a contract. A blockchain-based smart contract is visible to all users of the said blockchain. These contracts come into effect at certain events and do not require human monitoring (if… then… function). Examples of possible Smart Contract applications are e.g. leasing contracts, land register, auctions and the recharging of e‑cars. The Ethereum Blockchain has an operating system called EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Ethereum Smart Contracts are programmed in the Solidity scripting language. One of the more well known applications of this technology is the ERC20 Token.